The Side Chain Of Ertapenem Hydrochloride 219909-83-8

The Side Chain Of Ertapenem Hydrochloride 219909-83-8

Higu quality! The Side chain of Ertapenem hydrochloride CAS:219909-83-8

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Prodtct name:The Side chain of Ertapenem hydrochloride




EOS-61117;3-((2S,4S);SIDECHAINIIFORERTAPENEM;-4-Mercaptopyrrolidine-2-carboxamido);The Deprotected Sidechain of ErtapeneM;THIAPROLINE-M-AMINO-BENZOIC ACID HYDROCHLORIDE;3-[(2S,4S)-4-Mercaptopyrrolidine-2-carboxamido]benzoic;3-((4S)-4-SULFANYL-L-PROLINAMIDOL)BENZOZUURHYDROCHLORIDE;3-[(2S,4S)-4-Mercaptopyrrolidine-2-carboxaMido]benzoic acid hcl;3-[(2S,4S)-4-sulfanylpyrrolidine-2-aMido]benzoic acid hydrochloride


Melting Point: 212ºC

Boiling Point:564.1ºC at 760mmHg

Flash Point: 295ºC

Vapor Pressure: 1.46E-13mmHg at 25°C

Assay: ≥98%

HS Code: 2933990090


CB Index: 55

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The IUPAC name of 3-[(2S,4S)-4-Mercaptopyrrolidine-2-carboxamido]benzoic acid hydrochloride is 3-[[(2S,4S)-4-sulfanylpyrrolidine-2-carbonyl]amino]benzoic acid hydrochloride. With the CAS registry number 219909-83-8, it is also named as (2S)-2-cis-3-[[4-Mercapto-2-pyrrolidinyl)carbonyl]amino]benzoic acid hydrochloride. In addition, its molecular formula is C12H14N2O3S.HCl and molecular weight is 302.78.

The other characteristics of 3-[(2S,4S)-4-Mercaptopyrrolidine-2-carboxamido]benzoic acid hydrochloride can be summarized as: (1)H-Bond Donor: 4; (2)H-Bond Acceptor: 4; (3)Rotatable Bond Count: 3; (4)Tautomer Count: 2; (5)Exact Mass: 302.049191; (6)MonoIsotopic Mass: 302.049191; (7)Topological Polar Surface Area: 79.4; (8)Heavy Atom Count: 19; (9)Complexity: 337; (10)Melting Point: 212 °C.

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