Propanedioic Acid

Propanedioic Acid

Propanedioic acid(CAS:141-82-2) is the intermedicate of Meldrum's acid(CAS:2033-24-1).We produce Propanedioic acid for our own use in producing Meldrum's acid as well as for external sales. At present, we are mainly selling to Japan and Taiwan.

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Product Details

Product name:Propanedioic acid




Molecular formula:


Flashing point:157°(314°F)

Melting point:132-136 ℃

Appearance:White flake crystal


  1. Mainly used in pharmaceutical intermediates, but also in spices, adhesives, resin additives, electroplating polishing agents, etc.

  2. As a complexing agent, also used in the preparation of barbiturates, etc.

  3. Propanedioic acid is the intermediate of the fungicide Daomeng and the intermediate of indapamide, a plant growth regulator.

  4. Used in the pharmaceutical industry in the production of lomina, barbital, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin b6, phenylparacetasone, amino acids, etc.

  5. Propanedioic acid is used as a surface treatment agent for aluminum. Since only water and carbon dioxide are generated when heating and decomposing, malonic acid has no pollution problem. In this respect, compared with the acid treatment agent such as formic acid, it has great advantages.

  6. Propanedioic acid is used as additive for electroless plating and as an electroplating polishing agent.

 Our company produces Propanedioic acid (CAS:141-82-2)as well as Meldrum's acid(CAS:2033-24-1). If you have any demand, please do not hesitate to place a trial order with us. We will give you the best service and the most competitive price.

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