Malonic Acid Cyclic Isopropylidene Ester C6H8O4

Malonic Acid Cyclic Isopropylidene Ester C6H8O4

Malonic acid cyclic isopropylidene ester(CAS:2033-24-1) is one of our main products.Our annual sales are very good and the price is reasonable and competitive. Welcome to give us a trial order

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Product Details

Product name:Malonic acid cyclic isopropylidene ester




Molecular structural formula:


Appearance:White crystalline powder.


Melting point:92-96°C

Application:Synthesis of Meropenem Intermediates

production capacity:≥100MT/year

Place of origin: Xinxiang,China

product presentation

  Our company mainly produces the intermediates of Penem, and maleic acid is one of the main products of our company.The market for maleic acid is very good.Our products are sold both domestically and exported. We supply many factories in China and have cooperated for many years. The main exporting countries are India, South Korea, Japan and other countries.Especially in Japan, we got the agency in the Japanese market.

As we all know, Japanese customers attach great importance to the quality of the products.Our products have not only been recognized by Japanese customers, but also obtained the agency in the Japanese market. So the quality of our products is guaranteed.

  The quality of our products is so good because we have professional equipment, and our technicians constantly improve the production technology, hoping to be able to keep improving.

   Not long ago, we purchased new enamel double cone drying equipment to improve the quality of our products and to make our customers more satisfied with the quality of our products.


if you are interested in Malonic acid cyclic isopropylidene ester(cas:2033-24-1) please contact us anytime

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