Methylthio Acetaldoxime

Methylthio Acetaldoxime

Methylthio acetaldoxime is an economic intermediate and used in the manufacture of carbamate insecticides such as methomyl, thiomethyl and alanycarb

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Product name:Methylthio acetaldoxime





Boiling point:209.221°C at 760 mmHg

Flashing point:80.335°C


EINECS: 234-096-2

Synthetic method

The key to the synthesis of methomyl is the synthesis of the intermediate methomyl oxime. The yield of methomyl oxime is quite different from its cost because of the different routes chosen. The synthesis of methomyl oxime is generally divided into the following five methods:

 1 thioacetaldehyde oxime method 

2 acetonitrile method 

3 methyl acetone method 

4 nitroethane method

 5 aldehyde method 

In China, the main method of producing methomyl oxime is acetaldehyde method. The operation step of acetaldehyde method is to react acetaldehyde with hydroamine hydrochloride under the action of acid binding agent, and then react with chlorine gas at a certain temperature to produce acetaldehyde oxime. After a certain amount of sodium methionol, sodium methionol is adjusted with alkali to cool down. The white crystal obtained by filtration and drying is called methomyl oxime.

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