Pesticide Intermediate

  • C2H4O2


    Methyl formate is used primarily to manufacture formamide, dimethylformamide, and formic acid. These compounds are precursors or building blocks for many useful derivatives.

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  • Methyl Formate

    Methyl Formate

    It is used as raw material of acetic fiber, DMF, solvent of insecticide, curing agent in phenolic resin and fumigant of fruits and tobacco

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  • 111-36-4


    Butyl isocyanate can undergo anionic polymerization to form poly(butyl isocyanate) using lanthanum isopropoxide as the initiator.

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  • Methylthio)acetaldehyde Oxime

    Methylthio)acetaldehyde Oxime

    Methylthio)acetaldehyde oxime is the pesticide intermedicate.we can provide you with competive price and guaranteed quality.Welcome to your trial order

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  • Butylisosyanate


    We are manufacture and always supplying 111-36-4 with competitive price,high quality and regular basis.

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  • Malonic Acid

    Malonic Acid

    Malonic acid is the intermediate of the Isoprothiolane and It is also the intermediate of plant growth regulator Figaron.

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  • Methylthio Acetaldoxime

    Methylthio Acetaldoxime

    Methylthio acetaldoxime is an economic intermediate and used in the manufacture of carbamate insecticides such as methomyl, thiomethyl and alanycarb

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  • CAS:10533-67-2


    Methomyl oxime is a white or yellowish solid, insoluble in water and easily soluble in organic solvents.

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  • C15H10ClF3N2O6S Fomesafen

    C15H10ClF3N2O6S Fomesafen

    Classification: Herbicide CAS No.: 72178-02-0 Other Names: Fomesafen MF: C15H10ClF3N2O6S EINECS No.: 276-439-9 Place of Origin: Henan Province Xinxiang city State: Liquid Purity: 95% TC...

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  • DMMSP 113583-35-0 Pesticide

    DMMSP 113583-35-0 Pesticide

    Name: 4,6-Dimethoxy-2-(methylsulfonyl)pyrimidine CAS: 113583-35-0 Chemical Formula: C7H10N2O4S Salicylic acid is a fat-soluble organic acid. Salicylic acid (aspirin and many painkillers) has been...

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  • Fomesafene


    It is a highly selective herbicide for soybean and peanut field seedlings, which can effectively prevent broadleaf weeds and balsam seeds from soybean and peanut field, and also has a certain...

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  • Herbicide


    Herbicide is a kind of agent that can kill weeds thoroughly or selectively, also called herbicide, to kill or inhibit plant growth. Among them, sodium chlorate, borax, arsenite, and...

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