What Is Malonic Acid And Whit Is Malonic Acid Used For?

- Jan 18, 2019 -

   Malonic acid, also known as methane dicarboxylic acid, carrot acid, malic acid, betaine. There are three kinds of crystal forms, two of which are triclinic and one is monoclinic. The crystal from ethanol is triclinic white crystal. Potassium permanganate is decomposed into formic acid and carbon dioxide. Malonic acid is a dicarboxylic acid with typical reactivity of dicarboxylic acid. Because the molecule contains active methylene, it can first react with sodium alcohol to form sodium malonate and then interact with various active halogenates to form substituted malonates. It can be used to hydrolyze carboxylic acid to produce various monocarboxylic acids, dicarboxylic acids and other ketonic acids. A common hypnotic drug barbital can be prepared by reaction of substituted malonate with urea. Because malonic acid is heated to produce carbon dioxide and water without pollution, it can be directly used as aluminum surface treatment agent, and is also the raw material for producing pesticide fungicide Fuji 1 and herbicide Kudai. The pharmaceutical industry uses malonic acid to prepare diuretic benzoxazolone, anti-inflammatory drug hydroxybendazone, sedative bromo-metoprotopine and so on. In addition, malonic acid and its esters are widely used as pharmaceutical intermediates, such as barbiturates, vitamins B1 and B6, etc. Esters of malonic acid are often used in organic synthesis, and are also used as adhesives, spices, resin additives, electroplating polishing agents, etc. Welding fluxes, etc.

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