The Outbreak Of Generic Drugs In The Pharmaceutical Intermediates Will Meet The Good Development Opportunities

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Pharmaceutical intermediates is to point to in the process of drug synthesis process for some chemical raw materials and chemical products, is also a important component in the fine chemical industry, has gradually become the core of the development of chemical industry. In recent years, China has made great progress in fine chemical industry, and the refining rate has been continuously improved, which has created a good atmosphere for the development of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Due to its high investment efficiency, high profit margin and high added value, pharmaceutical intermediates have attracted much attention and favor. My government also attaches great importance to the development of medical intermediates and has issued a series of encouraging policies and measures.

With the government's strong impetus, China's pharmaceutical intermediates industry develops rapidly. At present, the chemical raw materials and intermediates needed for pharmaceutical production are basically satisfied, and the following six characteristics are presented.

First, pharmaceutical intermediates enterprise more for private enterprises, small scale of investment, investment in basic millions to 120 million, but business is relatively flexible, able to quickly to respond effectively to the market change;

Second, the distribution of pharmaceutical intermediates is relatively concentrated, with jiangsu and zhejiang as the main areas, especially zhejiang taizhou and jiangsu jintan, which have a large number of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Third, pharmaceutical intermediates enterprises are facing increasing environmental pressure, and the construction of environmental protection facilities is imperative.

Fourth, the product updates the iteration fast, new varieties emerge endlessly, forcing the pharmaceutical intermediate enterprises to follow up or improve the process;

Fifth, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry is highly competitive and disorderly, and more and more small and medium-sized chemical enterprises are joining in, which is not conducive to the cluster development of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Sixth, there is a lack of innovation in pharmaceutical intermediates, there are low levels of duplication, and there are only a handful of intermediates with independent intellectual property rights in the world.

From the above development characteristics, China's pharmaceutical intermediates and the international advanced level is far from. In the future in the development of pharmaceutical intermediates industry, to attach importance to the scientific research investment, on the basis of interdisciplinary, comprehensive, high starting point to establish engineering center, provide platform for combination, at the same time to carry out the prediction and evaluation work, realize the healthy and rapid development of pharmaceutical intermediates.

In general, pharmaceutical intermediates are expected to benefit as China's pharmaceutical companies generalise, but before that there is a need to deal with overcapacity, vicious competition and so on.

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