The Information Of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl Azide

- Jan 31, 2019 -

  4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide is an industrial raw material with many properties, so we can say that the production o4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide is very high. Do you know how 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide is produced? Do you know what the superior properties of dodecyl benzenesulfonyl azide are? Let's take a look at the introduction to 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide. Almost all industrial synthesis of4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide by catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Typical processes include feedstock gas production, feedstock gas purification,4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azidesynthesis, crude p-dodecylbenzene sulfonyl azide distillation, etc. Natural gas, naphtha, heavy oil, coal and its processed products (coke, coke oven gas) and acetylene tail gas can be used as raw materials for the production of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide syngas. The steam conversion of natural gas and naphtha should be carried out in a highly cost converter with complex structure. Radiation chamber and convection chamber are arranged in the reformer and hydrocarbon vapor conversion reaction is carried out in the presence of high temperature and catalyst. Partial oxidation of heavy oil should be carried out in high temperature gasifier. With solid fuel as raw material, intermittent gasification or continuous gasification can be used to produce water gas. In the intermittent gasification process, air and steam are used as gasification agent, the stage of blowing air and producing gas is separated, and the process of continuous gasification is carried out continuously with oxygen and steam as gasifier.

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