The Future Development Direction Of The Intermediate Industry.

- Apr 19, 2018 -

1. Global and Chinese industry concentration is low, China CMO and CRO still have a lot of room to grow.

Global and Chinese industry concentration is low. Pharmaceutical intermediates are not protected by patent restrictions, and no GMP certification, so relatively low barriers to entry, and the product variety is more, so both global and China, industry concentration degree is low, pharmaceutical intermediates outsourcing is no exception.

Global: in 2010, the top 10 medical cmos in the world accounted for less than 30% of the market. The first three were Lonza(Switzerland), Catalent(USA) and BoehringerIngelheim(Germany). Lonza, the world's largest CMO company, earned 11.7 billion yuan in 2011, or 6% of the world's CMO.

2. Product diversification and high-end extension to the industrial chain.

From the production of the low-end intermediate to the refined high-end intermediate products, and to other medical services expansion. This has a high requirement for the management and technical strength of the company. Meanwhile, it also needs to accumulate customer credibility, and the cooperation time has a great impact on the depth of cooperation.

3. Follow the path of professional outsourcing service.

Continue to expand on the outsourcing service industry chain, undertake r&d outsourcing service (CMO+CRO) : from CMO to upstream, undertake CRO(outsourcing r&d service), which has the highest requirement for the company's technology and r&d strength.

4. Focus on the pharmaceutical industry, and attack the raw materials and preparations downstream of the intermediates.

The production of raw materials and preparations will increase the profitability and bargaining power of the company. The threshold is cGMP certification and obtaining the national license or FDA certification of the production drugs. After obtaining the international certification, can smoothly enter the developed country medicine market.

5. Deep cooperation with big customers to share the fruits of common growth and promote core values.

Downstream of the intensity of the pharmaceutical industry is far higher than that of pharmaceutical intermediates industry, the future demand mainly comes from the big customer: (1) from the point of concentration, the concentration degree of the global pharmaceutical industry is higher (concentration of 41.9% of the world's top ten pharmaceutical companies), which makes the intermediate CMO's main demand from multinationals. The concentration of the intermediate industry is only 20%, the bargaining power is weak, and the future development direction will be the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The multinational pharmaceutical giants are the main source of demand for the present and future. Lock in big customers and lock in future demand.

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