The Development Trend Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry

- Apr 19, 2018 -

In recent years, the output of new drugs on the market is limited, due to the difficulty of pharmaceutical intermediates new product development is more and more big, the traditional product is becoming more and more fierce competition, pharmaceutical intermediates industry profits fell rapidly. Therefore suggested: (1) upward downstream extension industry chain extended upward to the use of the main raw material to produce, such as the production of ammonia. Consult the main raw material of oxime acid ethyl acetoacetate, production 2 - methyl furan of acetyl acetate furan ammonia (or furan, furfural), production of methyl hydrazine triazine ring, etc. This can further reduce the cost, while for some special raw materials, can avoid the key raw material monopoly. The next step is to directly synthesize the raw materials directly from the pharmaceutical intermediates, which can further increase the added value of the products and directly sell the products to pharmaceutical companies. However, the downstream extended investment is larger, and the production technology requirements are higher, and the relationship with the manufacturer of API is maintained. (2) to form their own features such as hebei framatome triazine ring, shandong jincheng ammonia thiamethoxam oxime acid, shijiazhuang birch furan ammonium salt, zhejiang hengdian four nitrogen azole acetate, fushun beauty of AE - active ester characteristic brand products, such as influential in the industry. The technology of improving the technology, saving cost and medicine intermediates is long, the reaction step is much, the solvent use is big, the technology improvement potential is bigger. Such as high use value lower raw material instead of raw materials, such as ammonia thiamethoxam oxime acid using liquid chlorine instead of liquid in the production of bromine, the triazine ring during using ammonium thiocyanate instead of thiocyanate potassium (sodium), etc.; Using a single solvent to replace the different solvents in the reaction process, the alcohols produced by hydrolysis of ester products are recovered.

Domestic pharmaceutical intermediates industry has entered the mature period, several technical workers can early construction profit of s has passed, also won't appear similar to ammonia thiamethoxam oxime a basic intermediate acid supply dozens of drug production. Now the enterprise is engaged in the comprehensive strength competition, is the business idea, the technical force, the financing ability competition. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, new demand for pharmaceutical intermediates will be constantly emerging, such as the increasing demand for the intermediates of ammonia. But these new products has yet to form a larger market demand, the current domestic demand is relatively large varieties of pharmaceutical intermediates or ammonia thiamethoxam oxime acid, go armour ammonia thiamethoxam oxime acid and its derivatives, such as traditional series products. The enterprises in the new project should carefully consider the timing of intervention in the premise of having sufficient capital and technical force and maintaining good relationship with pharmaceutical companies. In addition, we should have a good understanding of the dynamics of domestic and foreign counterparts and upstream and downstream, and take advantage of the market.

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