Succinic Acid Extracted From Amber Is Widely Used

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Scientists in the 15th century extracted succinic acid from amber, a valuable and beneficial substance that is now widely used in medicine.

According to the scientific detection method, the amber contains about 5% succinic acid, and mainly concentrates on the amber epidermis. Therefore, the original or unpolished amber has certain curative effect and sterilization effect. (when I see this, I wonder if I'll have to put some rocks in my pocket for a rainy day.)

Succinic acid has a positive effect on human organs. It can not only enhance human immunity and make people energetic, but also balance the acidity and alkalinity of human body. In foreign countries, there have already been ten kinds of drugs made of succinic acid, mainly acting on inhibitors and antioxidants.

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