Properties Of Propanedioic Acid Methane Acid

- Jan 25, 2019 -

 Propanedioic acid Methane acid;

White crystalline powder;

Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, ether.

Preparation: made from hydrolysis of C2O3

Molecular formula HOOCCH2COOH

In the form of calcium salt, calcium malonate is deposited in the concentrated tank of sugar beet. Malonic acid is a colorless flake crystal with melting point of 135.6 ℃, decomposition at 140 ℃, density of 1.619 g / cm (16 ℃).

  When Propanedioic acid Methane acid is heated, it loses carbon dioxide to form acetic acid, and carboxylic acid can be synthesized by decarboxylation of  Propanedioic acid Methane acid replaced by this property. The methylene in  Propanedioic acid Methane acid molecules is activated by two carboxyl groups, and many kinds of reactions take place. Propanedioic acid Methane acid is prepared by hydrolyzing cyanoacetic acid or diethyl malonate in industry. Because Propanedioic acid Methane acid itself is not very stable, its application in organic synthesis is carried out through diethyl malonate.

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