Pharmiceutical Intermedicate

- Nov 08, 2018 -

   More than 2000 kinds of raw materials and intermediates are needed for chemical industry in China each year, and the demand is more than 2.5 million tons. After more than 30 years' development, only a few of the chemical raw materials and intermediates needed for pharmaceutical production in China can be imported. And because our country is rich in resources and the price of raw materials is low, many intermediates are exported. So, what are the development opportunities in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates in China?

  After nearly 50 years of development, the Chinese β -lactam antibiotics have formed a complete production system. In 2012, almost all β -lactam antibiotics (except for the varieties in the patent period) can be produced in China, and the cost is very low. Penicillin production ranks first in the world, a large number of exports to the international market; Cephalosporins are basically self-sufficient and can be exported in part.


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