Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry Domestic Market

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The pharmaceutical intermediates industry is a branch of the chemical industry. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a new industry of billions of yuan, and its competition has become more and more heated. At the beginning of the industrial development, because of less investment, high return, pharmaceutical intermediates enterprises have sprung up rise, especially in huangyan, taizhou, zhejiang province, nanjing of jintan, shijiazhuang, jinan (including zibo), northeast (siping, fushun) has the advantageous conditions to develop pharmaceutical intermediates such as regional development is rapid.

As an example, the production enterprises of cephalosporin intermediates have been gradually eliminated due to the lack of technology, capital and management philosophy. Shandong jincheng chemical group, fushun reinforcement learning siping fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, zhejiang yongning pharmaceutical factory, zhejiang hengdian state pharmaceutical large-scale backbone enterprises, relying on their respective advantages, have their own special products and business philosophy, in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry stand out, occupy a certain position, blocked on the new enterprise.

For a long time, Korea, India and other countries have focused on the development of apis, and their intermediates are mainly supplied by our country. In recent years, in order to reduce costs, pharmaceutical companies of the two countries also have their own production of pharmaceutical intermediates, start looking for some of the advanced and mature technology of pharmaceutical intermediates in China and at the same time to transfer some technology in China, to build its own production base, or raw material suppliers, so the industry directly influenced by international market is becoming more and more big. Abroad several glyphosate production enterprises shut down earlier this year, for example, led to the rapid increase of domestic glyphosate production glycine shortages, and its related products price has risen in a straight line, because of its simple glycine production technology, construction boom has provoked glycine device, at the same time of penicillin and 7 - ACA (7 - amino silane cephalosporin acid) price also with the international price volatility.

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