Pharmaceutical Intermediate For Imipenem

- Jun 06, 2018 -

     Meropenem is a second generation carbapenem broad-spectrum antibiotic developed by Sumitomonas and ICI Pharmaceutical Company of England. It is also the first Penem antibiotic to be used alone. The broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of meropenem is similar to that of imipenem, but partly superior to imipenem. Although it is listed after imipenem, it has become the leading variety of penem drugs.

    Company has a clear division of labor, for example, each company is responsible for meropenem mother nucleus, side chain intermediate and raw material drug synthesis, etc. Meropenem is widely regarded as a few broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat various infectious diseases. Therefore, meropenem will still be the main antibiotic product used in the international clinical medicine in the next few years. With the breakthrough in the production technology of the main intermediate 4-AA, it is believed that the annual production capacity of meropenem in China will be increased to 80-100 tons in the next few years.

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