Pesticide Intermediates Market

- Aug 02, 2018 -

  Pesticide intermediates are fine chemicals. Pesticide intermediates are produced by the processing of agricultural raw materials. It is a medium which combines two or more than two or more substances together. It can be understood as an synergist in the pesticide. It is the intermediate material for the production of pesticides.

  With the fog and haze defense fight in the "2+26" city of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the "13th Five-Year" program for the prevention and control of the pollution of volatile organic compounds is issued in succession. The proposal is that the VOCs emission process involving the pharmaceutical enterprises involving the production of raw materials and the VOCs emission process of the pesticide enterprises in the production process, in the heating season principle, If production needs to be stopped, due to the special needs of people's livelihood, it should be reported to the provincial government for approval.

   Because of the influence of policy factors, the driving rate of pesticide enterprises has declined obviously. Therefore, the market demand of the upstream pesticide intermediates is naturally implicated, which leads to the decline of market demand. The demand for pesticide intermediates was calculated according to the "Market Research and Investment Forecast Analysis Report of China's Pesticide Intermediates Industry" issued by Prospective Industry Research Institute.

In 2023, the output of pesticide intermediates in China was about 5 million 300 thousand tons. According to the current average price of pesticide intermediates 500 yuan per kilogram, by 2023, the market scale of pesticide intermediates was about 2 trillion and 700 billion yuan.

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