Pesticide Intermediate Market And Price

- May 09, 2018 -

According to the object of control, pesticides can be divided into herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, defoliators, plant growth regulators and so on. Herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides occupy a great part of the global pesticide market.

According to the marketing structure of global pesticide market, herbicides currently occupy the largest market share in the world. In 2015, global agricultural pesticide sales totaled $51.21 billion, with herbicides accounting for the largest share, about 42.3 percent, followed by pesticides and fungicides, accounting for 28.0 percent and 26.8percent, respectively.

In terms of regional distribution, as the level of economic development and agricultural modernization has gradually improved, the demand for pesticides in Asia and Latin America has been rising, and has become the world's leading pesticide consumption market in 2016, Asia, Latin America ranked first and second in agricultural pesticide sales of $138.66 billion and $130.76 billion, respectively. In addition, Europe and North America as traditional pesticide consumption markets, pesticide market demand tends to stabilize, the future growth of pesticide markets mainly concentrated in China, India, the Asia-Pacific region and parts of Latin America.

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