Penicillin's New Mechanism May Help Develop New Treatments For Bacterial Infections

- Apr 19, 2018 -

In 1928, scientists discovered penicillin (penicillin), as one of the most ancient, the most widely used antibiotics, can attack the special enzymes on the bacterial cell walls and promote the bacteria die, makes the human infections.

Penicillin and its associated beta-lactam is one of our oldest and most widely used antibiotic therapies. These drugs have long been known to target enzymes called penicillin binding proteins (PBPs), which build bacterial cell walls.

Recently, published in the international famous magazine in a research paper in the Cell, researchers from Harvard University school of medicine study reveals the penicillin devastating attack of a new strategy for bacteria, or to help develop new therapies to resist bacterial drug resistance.

Article, the researchers used a special kind of penicillin derivatives to targeting effect on bacterial cell walls of the assembly of a kind of special enzymes, the researchers found that use of penicillin targets the non-essential enzymes in the bacterial cell walls can kill bacteria cells, and this kind of enzymes that remove the bacteria completely no harm, but when its existence was penicillin for combination will lead to cell death.

So the enzymes, the researchers further studies how penicillin inhibition of bacteria causing "poison" role, the researchers found that the cell walls of bacteria can still continue to produce new chain, but with cell wall fragments between was blocked, so the new form is rapid degradation of cell walls; Penicillin is a powerful antibiotic, but its susceptible to bacterial drug resistance, when bacteria produce a kind of enzymes called beta lactamase it will decompose beta lactam antibiotics, which block the class of antibiotics against bacteria targeted killing effect.

In this paper, we study the researchers revealed the penicillin against bacteria and mechanism of a new type of late they will continue to study reveals how bacteria open beta lactamase to block the killing effect of penicillin, turn a cracking called Soluble carbohydrate enzyme (Soluble Lytic Transglycosylase, SLT) of the enzymes to resist antibiotics may help.

Finally, the researchers said, and now we know the more beta lactam antibiotics, it perhaps can also help us to find more targeted role of new drug molecules and cell wall development more therapy for the treatment of bacterial infections

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