Meldrums Acid 2033-24-1

- Jun 05, 2018 -

      CPhI & P-MEC China has become the excellent choose for local enterprise to realize pharmaceutical Chinese Dream and open the international road after years of hard work. In the past 17 years, many exhibitors have entered the harvest period with the help of this platform, and their influence in the international market has increased day by day, and a large number of international enterprises have also emerged. At the same time, CPhI & P-MEC China also conforms to the development of the industry, and has further laid out the industrial chain. Up to now, it has included API, fine chemicals and intermediates, excipients and formulations, natural extracts, biopharmaceuticals, contract customization, animal health care, Pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical environmental protection and clean, pharmaceutical logistics a total of 13 major sectors, become the global pharmaceutical industry vertical industry chain leading the professional trade exchange event.

  Our company will attend the exhibition , the Booth No. T4B59, Welcome to our booth.

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