Future Development Trend Of Pesticide Intermediates

- Apr 19, 2018 -

In order to adapt to, pesticide products structure adjustment of pesticide development in our country requirements and shorten the gap with foreign pesticides, pesticide intermediates in the future will focus on the following products: not domestic production of pesticide intermediates, high toxic pesticide alternatives of intermediates, pesticide intermediates, containing fluorine containing heterocyclic pesticide intermediates, chiral pesticide intermediates of pesticides.

1. Pesticide intermediates containing heterocyclic ring.

(1) intermediates of organophosphorus insecticides containing heterocyclic, including diazinon, chlorpyrifos, quinophos, phosphorus and chlorazophos.

(2) intermediates of highly effective insecticides containing heterocyclic, including imidacloprid, pyrimide, ruistria, and fluazole.

(3) the intermediates of high-efficient fungicides containing heterocyclic include the intermediates of quinoxin and furpirazoline.

(4) the herbicide containing heterocyclic intermediates, intermediates, including generic sulfonylurea herbicides imidazoline ketone herbicide mi tobacco, cut grass sinensis intermediates and two chloroquine Lin grass ester, acid, butyl thiamethoxam of intermediates.

2. Pesticide intermediates containing fluoride.

Fluorine is often substituted for hydrogen or chlorine in the search for ways to improve biological activity. This way of replacing can greatly improve pesticide efficacy, introduction of fluorine atoms in the structure of pyrethroids, will improve the efficacy of insect pests, and have acaricidal effect, so the fluoride pyrethroids has been the concern of the people. However, it is necessary to choose the fluoro position of the excimer to prepare the most active compounds. Fluorine atoms into play a key role for biological activity, but often will reduce the activity of hydrogen fluoride to replace, but the highest activity compounds often containing fluorine atoms on the molecular structure of some location, at the same time to the preparation of high active fluorochemicals, must want to have a fluoride intermediates, so research and development of fluorine-containing intermediates is very necessary.

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