Choose A Herbicide According To The Weed Species In The Field

- Jun 07, 2018 -

According to the research of industry experts, the control of gramineous weeds can be selected: chlordiuron, isopropyron, ethoxamine, jingoxazole graminone, methyl disulfonon, etc. Because different populations of weeds respond differently to these herbicides, the selection of pesticides is further refined.

Reported recently, jiangsu area in our country, the local crop weeds have 15 of 27, heavy damage to the wheat has: see mai niang, hard grass, Kentucky bluegrass, wild oats, lolium multiflorum, cleavers, chickweed, vetch, shepherd's purse, sowing niang artemisia, lepidium apetalum, Buddha, spurge, populist m wil, cephalanoplos, reeds, etc. We can divide these weeds into gramineous weeds and broad-leaved weeds simply.

For example: to see wheatgrass, wild oats, mainly field, you can choose jingoxazole grass spirit for the prevention and elimination. Acetylene oxalic acid than pure control spectrum of pbo grasses spirit is a bit wider, weed control effect is better than that of pure oxazole grasses spirit, under the condition of 4 to 6 g per acre effective content, winter can control lolium multiflorum very difficult to control and hard grass weeds; Cameron and isopropyron can effectively prevent most annual gramineous weeds and some broad-leaved weeds.

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