Chemical Safety Common Sense, Very Simple But Most Important

- May 07, 2018 -

We all know that the chemical industry is growing faster and faster, but how much do you know about production safety?Here is a detailed introduction。

1. Q: In industrial production, What are the main ways through which poison enters the human body?

    A:  Mainly through the respiratory and skin into the human body.

2. Q: What is the most important cause of a fatal fire?

    A:  Poisoning and asphyxia.

3. Q: What do the chemicals do after they get into the eyes?

    A: Apply plenty of water to irrigate your eyes in time. If you are seriously injured, you should send it to the hospital in time for treatment.

4. Q: What are the three kinds of explosions?

    A: Physical explosion, Chemical explosion and Nuclear explosion.

5. Q: Dust will explode?

    A: Yes, it will.

6. Q: What matters should you pay attention to when working in flammable and explosive, poisoning prone places?

    A: 1)  Gas mask, safety device.

         2)  There must be personal supervision and first aid.

         3)  Safety isolation measures must be taken.

         4)  Good ventilation.

Do you know all this little common sense?

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