- Jun 07, 2018 -

  1. We should focus on cracking down on the production of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics without organizing production in accordance with regulations, reducing production standards and conditions without authorization, and illegal addition.

  2. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production , circulation and use of the sterile and implantable medical devices , and strengthen the supervision of high - risk key products .

  3. Drugs, medical instruments are not licensed to operate, illegal channels are purchased, and they are not stored in accordance with the prescribed conditions.

  4. For the quality and safety risk signals collected from batch issuance, state sampling inspection, adverse reaction (incident) monitoring and complaint reporting, it is necessary to immediately organize flight inspection, find problems in time, remove hidden dangers, control risks, and strictly observe the safety bottom line.

  5. We must strictly control the disposal of drugs, medical devices, network sales and transaction monitoring information, and standardize the sales behavior of drugs and medical devices.

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