Bispyribac-sodium,Pentaflulosulfamide And Oxazolacyl Oxalamide Each Has A Bright Side

- Jun 05, 2018 -

All three components are selected herbicides of rice seedling after internal absorption. Pentafluorosamine is mainly effective for young weeds, but not for resistant weeds (such as green grass, red grass, etc.). Double grass ether to older weed, double ear finches barnyard grass (red with root), grain rice lee swim (grass) effectively, and at the same time for part of broadleaf grass (red-knees herb, duck tongue grass, alternanthera philoxeroides) have certain control effect, confrontational green tares effect in general. Oxazolacylamine was effective for barnyard grass, datang and milkweed, especially for resistant weeds. Dioxane and pentaflulosulfonamide have no effect on the thousand gold, but oxazolyl oxalamide has certain effect on the thousand gold.2-Methylsulfony-4,5-Dimethoxypyridine is a best choice for Bispyribac-sodium.

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