Biomacromolecular Drug Delivery System

- Dec 07, 2018 -

  In recent years, biomacromolecular drugs, known as biological products, have developed rapidly around the world. 

  According to the F&S report, the global biomacromolecular market is expected to increase to $404 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.0%. Biological products, mainly including peptides, proteins, antibodies, polysaccharides and nucleic acid drugs. Antibody drugs, especially novel antibody drugs, have become the most popular market segment in the field of biopharmaceutical. 

   However, due to the characteristics that macromolecular biologic drugs are easily metabolized through gastric acid, enzyme and hepatic and intestinal circulation, most macromolecular biologic preparations approved clinically are injected. However, due to the fear, safety problems, pain at the injection site and the need to go to the outpatient department or hospital for treatment caused by injection administration, inconvenient drug delivery and compliance problems caused by the increase of treatment cost, a large number of patients actively or passively avoid using the drug.

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