Application Field And Application Technology Of Dioxane Pine

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Cut grass and benzene of grass, Dan come loose, etc., is a selective type tag after seedling heterocyclic herbicides, cut the grass in the domestic registration and the actual application of crops have rice (live field and transplanting field), corn, wheat, barley, peanuts, sorghum, beans, broad beans, kidney beans, peas, onion, potato, sugar cane, tea garden, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, flax, grassland pasture, warm formulations of lawn and some Chinese herbal medicine (radix astragali, Perilla, peppermint, spearmint, etc.) and so on, is mainly used to control broadleaf weeds and cyperaceae weeds, on gramineous weeds is invalid. Cut grass for water, dry field of xanthium sibiricum, horsetail, purslane, amaranthus retroflexus, sowing niang artemisia, shepherd's purse, abutilon, duck plantar grass (1 ~ 2 leaf stage effect is good, efficacy significantly decreased after 3 leaf stage), kochia scoparia, chickweed, short arrowhead, wild arrowhead, rain long grass, a variety of flowers, wild tongue sedges have very good control effect. Especially for the special effects of agaricus chinensis in dry field, salicus chinensis in paddy field and salicus chinensis in paddy field, the anti-efficacy of agaricus chinensis was obviously better than other drugs, and it was effective for many kinds of sedges in paddy field, and showed unique herbicidal activity. So far, the most safe agent for preventing broad-leaf weeds in broad-leaf croplands is the Formosan.

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