Analysis Of Intermediate Market Of Pharmaceutical Industry In China.

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Throughout the industry, at present, China's pharmaceutical intermediates production has six features: one is the production enterprise more for private enterprises, operating flexibility, investment scale is not large, basically between millions to a few thousand ten thousand yuan; The second is the geographical distribution of the production enterprises, mainly distributed in zhejiang taizhou and jiangsu jintan as the center of the region; Third, with the increasing attention of the state to environmental protection, the pressure of production enterprises to build environmental protection treatment facilities increases. Fourth, the product is updated quickly. After three to five years, the profit margin of a product is greatly reduced, which compels the enterprise to constantly develop new products or continuously improve the production process, so as to maintain a higher production profit. 5 it is because the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates profit higher than that of chemical products, the production process is basically the same, so there are more and more small chemical companies join the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, results in a disorderly competition increasingly fierce in the industry; Six is compared with the active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates production profit margins is low, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates production process is similar, therefore, some enterprises have not only production intermediates, also used their own advantages, to start producing active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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