The synthesis of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide

- Jan 31, 2019 -

The synthesis of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide was carried out in the presence of high temperature, high pressure and catalyst, which was a typical complex gas-solid catalytic process. With the development of catalyst technology for the synthesis of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide, the general trend is from high pressure to low and medium pressure. Crude 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide contains water, higher alcohols, ethers, ketones and other impurities that need to be refined. The refining process includes distillation and chemical treatment. Chemical treatment mainly uses alkali to destroy impurity that is difficult to separate during distillation, and adjusts PH.Distillation is mainly to remove volatile components, such as dimethyl ether, and difficult to volatilize components such as ethanol higher alcohols, water and so on. The total process of production of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide is long and the process is complex. According to different raw materials and different purification methods, it can be developed into a variety of production processes. The preparation methods for dodecylbenzenesulfonyl azide are basically the ones introduced above. I hope that after you have read them, they can be of help to all of you, and the use of dodecyl benzenesulfonyl azide is very extensive. So dodecyl benzenesulfonyl azide has always been used many times, but small to remind everyone, in the use of 4-Dodecylbenzensulfonyl azide must pay attention to the safety.

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