The role of carbapenem

- Jan 18, 2019 -

  Carbapenem antibiotics are atypical β-lactam antibiotics with the widest antibacterial spectrum and the strongest antibacterial activity, because of their low toxicity and stability to β-lactamases. It has become one of the most important antimicrobial agents in the treatment of severe bacterial infections. The structure of thiazole ring is similar to that of penicillin ring. The difference is that the sulfur atom in thiazole ring is replaced by carbon, and there is an unsaturated double bond between C2 and C3 (see figure), and the 6 hydroxyethyl side chain is trans conformation. It has been proved that it is this special group which makes the conformation of this kind of compounds significantly different from the cis conformation of penicillene. It has extensive spectrum strong antibacterial activity and high stability to β -lactamases.

   Domestic varieties have been listed imipenem, meropenem, Panipenem, etapenem, Biapenem, Donipenem.

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