The export structure of China's pharmaceutical intermediates should be upgraded

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China is facing the trend of a stronger, but also want to see, in the pharmaceutical industry's value of pyramid scheme, pharmaceutical intermediates profits at the bottom, even lower than that of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients.

In fact, China's pharmaceutical intermediates industry itself also has such as the low value-added products, the lack of independent intellectual property products, export channels and information support is insufficient, inadequate information resource utilization and so on aspects of the "short board", plus water and electricity coal transport and chemical raw materials prices, the rising cost of environmental protection, and part of the medical commodity export tax rebates and other external cause, competitive threats to its international market advantage.

Domestic pharmaceutical intermediates production enterprises to grasp the lack of experience of the international market, the trading countries (regions) medical market, policy, trade rules and lack of system research, so that the overall quality of intermediate exports is not high. Experts suggest, therefore, must change the export structure, domestic intermediates, it is necessary to strengthen the construction and production software industry itself to create a batch of cGMP, FDA, E/DMF, COS certification of enterprises and products.

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