Synthesis of Arylidene Isopropyl Malonate via the Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction under Grinding

- May 08, 2018 -

Solvent-free grinding synthesis is a green synthesis method which has emerged in recent years. It is a new and active research field. This kind of method has the characteristics of good environment, high selectivity, simple operation and mild reaction conditions, which has aroused great interest of chemists.

Our research focuses on the preparation and reaction of cyclopropane. In their work, aryl methylene Isopropyl Malonate has been used as starting material, and such compounds are usually synthesized in organic solvents with amines as catalysts, resulting in high energy consumption and environmental pollution due to the use of solvents. Toxic and deflagration and other shortcomings. In recent years, people have been trying to find green methods to replace the traditional methods harmful to the environment. It was found that aryl methylene Isopropyl Malonate was prepared by grinding at room temperature in the presence of NaHCO3.

The mixture of aromatic aldehydes, Isopropyl Malonate and NaHCO3 was ground with a pestle for 30 minutes in a glass mortar. The NaHCO3 product from the mixture was transferred to a clean sand core funnel, washed with water and a small amount of ethanol, and filtered and dried. Through repeated comparative experiments, aromatic aldehydes and Isopropyl Malonate can efficiently produce Knoevenaged condensation reaction without solvent existence under grinding conditions. Compared with previous preparation methods, the reaction does not use toxic and harmful organic solvents. The reaction takes place at room temperature, without heating, short reaction time, simple and convenient purification of the product, which is a successful green chemical reaction.

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