Production status of pesticide intermediates

- Apr 19, 2018 -

As the country for the development of new pesticides, by the rapid development of the development of some special intermediates, such as fluoride, containing cyano, containing heterocyclic intermediates, including a prominent is strain pesticide intermediates, such as chrysanthemum chrysanthemum acid, chloride acid, butyric acid,, propylene glycol ether aldehyde ketones. Such intermediates can be produced in China at present, and the production sites are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, zhejiang and jiangsu. In addition, some process technological upgrading also active pesticide intermediates, main achievements are as follows: different synthesis method of frequency that pentene ketone of formic acid, acetic anhydride, methanol carbonyl synthesis catalytic synthesis of chloroacetic acid and 2 ethoxy new technology of sulfur and phosphorus oxychloride, directional crystallization extraction of refined naphthalene, directional dichlorobenzene, phase transfer catalytic reaction, chlorination process production double ketene method to synthesize chloroacetyl chloride production aromatic amine compounds, catalytic hydrogenation, etc. This period of our country's production of pesticide intermediates can basically meet the requirements of pesticide industry, but there are still need to import some intermediates, such as DV chrysanthemum acid methyl ester, 2 bromide chrysanthemum acid, o-cresol, m-cresol, catechol, furan phenol, pyridine and its salt, piperidine (six hydrogen pyridine) and paraformaldehyde, etc. In the import products, some are domestic production, but the quantity or quality cannot meet the production requirements; The other part is not yet produced domestically. In recent years, the import amount of pesticide intermediates in China is about 100 million us dollars.

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