pharmaceutical intermediate for imipenem

- Jun 06, 2018 -


Tibipenem intermediates are a generic term,The main products are 3-(2-bromopropanoyl)spiro[1,3-benzoxazine-2,1'-cyclohexane]-4-one158299-05-9;Dodecylbenzenesulfonyl  azide( 79791-38-1);Magnesiummono-p-nitrobenzylmalonate ;Mono-4-nitrobenzylmalonic acid ester(77359-11-6);medlum’s acid (2033-24-1) ; p-Nitrobenzyl 2-diazoacetoacetate(82551-63-1); The above mentioned Penan intermediates, our company are selling, stable supply, sufficient inventory, reasonable price, quality assurance, if you have demand, please contact me as soon as possible


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