It is often summarized by the treatment of herbicide

- Jun 07, 2018 -

When the weeds in the field are small farmers, sometimes friends will choose to use manual method to remove, but the weeds, we need to use of herbicides, once the use of herbicides, the adr is likely to happen. If a herbicide causes a drug injury, we need to treat it differently. Next, we will learn about the commonly used treatment methods when a herbicide causes a drug injury.

Drip irrigation water in the field should be discharged immediately when using the largest pesticide. Spray irrigation with fresh water several times and apply neutralizing acid herbicides such as lime.

If you have a lot of herbicide on your plants, you can spray irrigation with mechanical water to get rid of the poison sticking to the leaves.

When drug damage occurs in some areas of the field, first let the water out to wash, till, then replenish the seedlings, and then increase the use of quick-acting fertilizer.

In case of serious poisoning, the land should be exposed to the sun and turned deep after rinsing. Or plant a small number of sensitive crops and observe for 10 to 15 days.

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