Development and development of fluorinated pesticides and their intermediates

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Insecticides containing fluorine are mainly pyrethroids containing fluorine and fluorobenzylurea. Abroad is developing or put into industrial production method for fluoride strain pesticides have fluorine fluorine chrysanthemum ester of permethrin, bromine, chrysanthemum ester, seven fluorine fluorine chlorobenzene with chrysanthemum ester and fluorine amine ester, best tree chrysanthemum ester, the fluorine cypermethrin, five fluorobenzene chrysanthemum ester, etc. Among them, the bromine three fluorine fluorine chrysanthemum ester, cypermethrin, best tree chrysanthemum ester has been in China's jiangsu Yang agriculture chemical group co., LTD., jiangsu Chang Long chemical co., LTD., zhejiang new silver state chemical co., LTD., nanjing red sun group co., LTD., Shanghai production of household chemicals co., LTD. The main commercial insecticides containing fluorobenzoyl urea include fluoxalyl urea, deinsectization urea, suourea no. 8, chlorofluorourea, fluorourea, and furfuron. Shijiazhuang chemical plant is currently a large domestic production plant for deinsectization of urea, dalian ruize pesticide co., LTD., jiangsu yangnong chemical group co., LTD. Also produce fluorine urea.

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