Carbapenems antibiotics

- Sep 05, 2018 -

What are carbapenems antibiotics?

   Antibacterial activity.Lactamase is highly stable, and can still play an excellent antibacterial effect on cephalosporin resistant bacteria.The bacteria do not have cross-resistance to these drugs, so they have strong antibacterial activity against gram-positive, negative and anaerobic bacteria.

   The antibacterial activity of panipenan to gram-positive bacteria is similar to or slightly stronger than that of imipenem, while meropenem has a poor effect on gram-positive bacteria.Meropenem has the strongest antibacterial activity, and its antibacterial activity is 2~16 times that of imipenem.The activity of pseudomonas aeruginosa was also the strongest in meropenem, four times that of imipenem.The antibacterial activity of meropenem and other drugs was determined by AGAR dilution method.The results showed that meropenem had strong antibacterial activity against a variety of gram-negative bacteria, which was stronger than imipenem, cefepime, ceftazidime, ciprofloxacin and netixacin.MIC90 of escherichia coli, klebsiella, aeromonas, shigella, salmonella, limonia, proteobacteria, and sabella is no more than 0.08~0.25ug/ml, 1/4~1/16 of the MIC90.The antibacterial activity of enterobacter cloacae and acinetobacter was similar to that of imipenem, MIC90 was 0.25-0.5ug /ml.MIC90 was 0.125ug/ml for haemophilic influenza bacteria, 1/16 of imipenem MIC90 and 1/4 of cefepime MIC90. The effect on gram-positive bacteria was inferior to that of imipenem, but superior to other four antibiotics.

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