4-nitrobenzyl 2-diazoacetoacetate 82551-63-1

- Jun 08, 2018 -

   Pharmaceutical intermediates industry refers to those chemical enterprises that produce and process organic / inorganic intermediates or raw materials for pharmaceutical enterprises by chemical synthesis or biosynthesis according to strict quality standards. The pharmaceutical intermediates are divided into two seed industries, CMO and CRO.


CMOContractManufacturing Organization refers to the entrustment contract manufacturing enterprise, that is, the pharmaceutical company outsourcing the production process to the partner. Medical CMO industry business chain is generally from the beginning of specialized pharmaceutical raw materials. Industry companies need to buy basic chemical materials and classify them into special-purpose pharmaceutical raw materials, and then reprocess to form cGMP intermediates, raw materials and preparations. At present, the major multinational pharmaceutical enterprises tend to establish long-term strategic partnership with a few core suppliers, and the survival of the companies in this industry is basically clear through their partners.


The CRO: Contract Research Organization refers to the commissioning of research agencies, which drug companies outsource research to their partners. At present, the main mode of cooperation in this industry is customization production, customized R & D and pharmaceutical contract research and sales, no matter which way it is, whether or not pharmaceutical intermediates are innovative products, The core competence of enterprises is still judged by R & D technology as the first factor, reflected as the downstream customers or partners of the company.


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