- Jun 07, 2018 -

     A chemical structure of a molecule includes the arrangement of atoms and the chemical bonds that hold the atoms together. The 4-nitrobenzyl 2-diazo-3-oxobutanoate molecule contains a total of 28 bond(s). There are 19 non-H bond(s), 12 multiple bond(s), 6 rotatable bond(s), 6 double bond(s), 6 aromatic bond(s), 1 six-membered ring(s), 1 ester(s) (aliphatic), 1 ketone(s) (aliphatic), 1 positively charged N and 1 nitro group(s) (aromatic). Images of the chemical structure of 4-nitrobenzyl 2-diazo-3-oxobutanoate are given below:

      The 2D chemical structure image of 4-nitrobenzyl 2-diazo-3-oxobutanoate is also called skeletal formula, which is the standard notation for organic molecules. The carbon atoms in the chemical structure of 4-nitrobenzyl 2-diazo-3-oxobutanoate are implied to be located at the corner(s) and hydrogen atoms attached to carbon atoms are not indicated – each carbon atom is considered to be associated with enough hydrogen atoms to provide the carbon atom with four bonds.

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