1-Bromo-2-nitrobenzene Consensus Reports

- Jan 30, 2019 -

1-Bromo-2-nitrobenzene Consensus Reports

Reported in EPA TSCA Inventory.

1-Bromo-2-nitrobenzene Specification

The IUPAC name of 2-Nitrobromobenzene is 1-bromo-2-nitrobenzene. With the CAS registry number 577-19-5, it is also named as Benzene, 1-bromo-2-nitro-. The product's categories are Aromatic Hydrocarbons (substituted) & Derivatives; Benzene Derivates; Miscellaneous; Bromine Compounds; Nitro Compounds; Nitrogen Compounds; Organic Building Blocks. It is white to light yellow crystal powder which is easily soluble in ethanol, soluble in ether and benzene, insoluble in water. What's more, it is stable, combustible and incompatible with strong bases, strong oxidizing agents. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic vapors of NOx and Br−. So the storage environment should be well- ventilated, low-temperature and dry. Keep 2-Nitrobromobenzene separate from oxidants and food additives.

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